Our Mission

IAH’s Commission on Groundwater and Climate Change seeks to fulfill its goals by:
  • promoting related research and development to advance scientific and technical knowledge;
  • fostering inter-disciplinary, international collaborations with research institutions, water resource managers, and water policy makers;
  • fostering connections with related research and development activities in climate, hydrological, agricultural and health sciences;
  • engaging with key international organisations, agencies and programmes (e.g. UNESCO-IHP, WMO, FAO, UNICEF, WHO, IAEA-WRP, GEWEX, GWSP);
  • working with the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre (IGRAC) to promote the development of a programme and facility for the collection, evaluation,archiving and sharing of groundwater data including both ground-based observations and satellite measurements;
  • identifying and evaluating a series of representative case studies illustrating the relationship between groundwater and climate change and the role of groundwater in adaptation to climate variability and change;
  • disseminating research and development outcomes to the global research community including specifically the IPCC, and global development community including governmental and non-governmental organisations and those specifically concerned with enabling adaptation to climate change;
  • creating awareness of the IAH-CGCC among IAH members, related professions and wider water resources and water supply communities.

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